Seimi Nørregaard (1975)





  • Bålet (Bonfire) and Det vilde hjørne (willow dens) as part of HOME. a social art project taking place in two different residential areas in the city of Roskilde. Roskilde Municipality and Roskilde Festival are initiators of the project. It is made in collaboration with Museum of Contemporary Art and Aaben Dans, Roskilde. Supported by The Arts Council.


  • Bjerget (The Mountain) solo exibition at URUM Brønshøj Vandtårn.
  • Set design Gashjertet by Wunderverk.



  • Angel Lounge at Teatret Carte Blanche Bees and Birds created with Sigrid Astrup Haraldsen. 
  • Set design NORPOL performance Julia and five hundred years of freedom.
  • Der hvor hestene ender (last destionation for horses) performance at Mellemrum Kit Johnson X-act Rudkøbing.
  • Maxi Golf collaboration with Boaz Barkan, Live art for children and Åben Dans in Roskilde at Swop festival.
  • FRIEND performance at Det frie felts Festival/SELECTED WORKS - from the independent scene of performing arts in Denmark.
  • Mountains of Things solo exibition installation at KVADRAT16 (DK). Supported by The City of Copenhagen Contemporary art found and Valby local found.
  • Børnenes bjerge artist and young people projekt. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.


  • Ou le chevaux s’arrêtent performance at Live art Action in Yaounde Cameroun.
  • Performance and text The CB Tribe @ dokk1 Teatret Carte Blanche. Aarhus (DK).
  • The Empthy Stage at Beijing Fringe Festival. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.
  • Apple-star -an artistic treasure-hunt that unfolds within the school. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.
  • Spoken word performance Sus I skørterne with T.S. Høeg and Sternberg. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.
  • Hello Hollow dens at the Imagien Children festival SOUTHBANK CENTER London supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.


  • HIDE solo exibition at Overgaden - Institute for Contemporary Art (DK). Supported by the Danish Arts workshops and the Danish Arts Foundation.
  • DADA performance in cooperation with Boaz Barkan. Curatede and organized by Alteration. (DK)
  • Stage installation for the Performance Traum by Bidt.
  • Stage installation for The Empty Stage by NORPOL: Daniel Norback and Erik Pold. At Det Frie Felts Festival. (DK)


  • HOME performanceinstallation in cooperation with Boaz Barkan at Warehouse9. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.
  • WORK WORK performanceinstallation at Det Frie Felts Festival and the international Metropolis festival Copenhagen.
  • Sønes performance and text at Teatret Carte Blanche Viborg (DK).


  • Soloperformance at Mellemrum festival, curated by Kitt Johnson X-act.
  • Goodby Europe re-premier at Warehouse9.
  • Hulerum Live Art for children at Nikolaj kunsthal. An artist in residence project where children build dens. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation


  • Alt der er fortalt og alt det vi ved performance at Viborg and Skive library.
  • Book sculpture Hestefold hundehoved. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation
  • Performance Runup for demonstration curated by Sofie V. Lebech. (DK)
  • Set design for Goodbye Europe NORPOL at Husets teater (DK). Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation


  • Installation for Coreact Det Rullende Rum.
  • Performanceinstallation Vrangsiden in cooperation with Boaz Barkan at The Royal Danish theater.
  •  Set design for Teheran Mon Amour NORPOL: Daniel Norback. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.


  • Performanceinstallation A set-up. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation
  • Drømte mig en drøm i nat/Last night I had a dream sensorial installation at Kunsthallen Brandts Odense, Denmark. In cooperation with Marika Seidler.


  •  Soloperformance Kriger at Mellemrum festival, curated by Kitt Johnson X-act.
  • Set design for Colour blind contemporary circus for children by Kalas.
  • Poetry Hest (Horse) in collaboration with visual artist Morten Schelde. Publisher Arena.


  • Audio installation Mulige hændelsesforløb eller ting at gører  Ringsted galleri.
  • Performer and writher in Tomorrow everything will be different Hello earth at Metropolis festival Copenhagen.
  • Set design for the adult puppet performance Black Out by Norpol. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.
  • I grow all kinds of flowers an installation in second life.
  • maternity leave finished march 2009


  • Installation/audio Husfred (Domestic peace) at group exhibition Audiovideo at Gimsinghoved curator Line Kjær.
  • Set design fore Det Lille Teater (the little theatre) presenting Tusind Tik Tak ( thousand tick-tock) a Children’s play.


  • Developing project Vrangsiden (inside out) an investigation on the relationship performer/spectator in a labyrinth installation.
  • Væggene har ører (The walls have ears) at Carte Blanche performanceteater Kultur prinsen in Viborg.
  • Book object Bjergæder a paper mountain range with text and illustration. Publisher Verbale pupiller.
  • Installation Ledetråde (guiding lines) at group exhibition at Gammelgårds art and cultural centre.
  • Set design for the performance Everything at once by NORPOL.


  • Performance installation Væggene har ører – et rummeligt digt (The walls have ears-a spatial poem) solo-exhibition at Overgaden – Institution fore contemporary art. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.
  • Poetry and art book Væggene har ører (The walls have ears) publisher Hurricane.
  • Spoken word performance at the Festival Images of Syria, at Roskilde Festival and at Copenhagen International Poetry festival.

2005 (maternity leave from march 2005 - march 2006)

  • Poetry début Jeg forventer en masse (I expect lots of things) publisher Hurricane.
  • Set design for the interactive rock opera Ondskabens landskab (Landscape of evil) by NORPOL.